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Saving Money When Using Inkjet Printing

The inkjet printer device can come at a cheaper price than those laser printers. But, you need to also notice that inkjet printing can cost you a lot of money than using laser printing. In order to keep the performance of the inkjet printing at an excellent level, the owner has to provide replacement of the cartridge every time when the ink runs out. It can lead a lot of the manufacturer of the inkjet printer to make more money out from selling the cartridge replacements than that of the printer device alone. Actually, there are some ways in order to save you money when performing an inkjet printing.

It is important that you are going to consider the content of the material that you will print. Printing something that is exact and is long lifespan like the journal is fine but printing for the web page, or the e-magazine or any of the temporary information that can be less recommended. Printing that temporary information will just be a waste of ink because the information will be quickly discarded.

Aside from that, the printer user can also reduce the cost of the inkjet printing by simply using the draft and the greyscale mode when printing any of those non-essential documents. You may have noticed that using the two modes can save you for around 50 percent of the ink usage. The draft mode will let you use half of the ink and the greyscale mode can allow you to eliminate the use of the color pink. When you will combine the two modes, you can be able to save both the black and the colored ink and this will make the printing process a lot faster.

In order to set the printer to be in the draft and in the greyscale mode as the default printing mode, you need to first go to the control panel and then find the printers and faxes option. Then you can have the right click onto the inkjet printer and then you can choose the properties option. Then click the Print Quality option and choose the Draft or there are other printers that call this Fast, and the click the Greyscale Printing option and then save the changes. When you need to print the documents in the normal mode, you can just go to the printer properties and then change the mode for the particular document printing. You can be able to benefit from this option since this can help you save ink from your printer. Depending on the volume of the printing, you can be able to save this for a month or two and you do not need to replace them easily because you save a lot of ink. Also, you do not need to buy new ink or cartridge just to replace it since you had saved from this mode or this option. A lot of companies gain profit because of the replacement of the ink.

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