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When it comes to planning for land use, zoning acts as a tool in this area. It helps in dividing land into various sections whereby it can be used for different purposes thereby facilitating developments in these different regions. It is mainly implemented by local authorities such as a municipality. Zoning does help to permit land use on different sites thereby shaping the layouts of different regions and towns. This in turn helps to come up with an effective plan and determine which segmented regions require development at first and also it is used to divide land owned by the government by separating it from that of the public. With zoning, it facilitates easier establishments of productive areas such as mining zones as well as regions that have got great natural resources.

The main purpose associated with zoning is to help both the local and national governments be able to easily regulate as well as controlling different lands and properties. This mainly helps to support or even slow down developments in specific areas by the local authorities depending on where and how they do want it to happen. Since zoning is mainly used in urban planning it helps developments in these regions that are well regulated and governed by the government. Zones are used for single purposes as well as also being combined for several activities to take place at once. With zoning, it helps to determine the size as well as the shapes of the buildings that are allowed in these designated regions.

It is used to subdivide the land into lots thereby setting out different conditions that are to be used in this land. With zoning, it tends to give differentiation on how the area will be used and as well as enabling the combination of different zones to be used for developments. This can either be regulating the forms of other buildings as well as determining their relations to the street and determining the different ways the zones will be appropriately used. When the zone is used for residential, commercial, or even industrial purposes it is categorized into single-use and can also include other categories into which it is subdivided into. These zones facilitate having different sections for commercial categories such as office use, large and small retailing areas as well as large manufacturing and warehousing sites.

Form-based zoning tends to give specifications on density either low or high of the area and if the pedestrians are in a position to access the area. These are mainly designed to make direct responses to how the structure of a community looks physically to make it easier for walking and adaptations in the environments. Zoning helps to permit and as well restrict either use or access of a given zone depending on the characteristics that it portrays and what the authorities may intend to use it for. This helps to easily respond to an area that has got unique features thereby making the use of the land to be much beneficial. Mixed-use zoning facilitates compatible use of lands such as residential, commercial, and retail thereby making it easier for people to live, work, and socializing well.

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