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The Advantages Of Having A Pre-Employment Medical Examination

We are all aware that pre-employment medical examination is part of the prescreening of employees before getting accepted into a job. Business owners or prospective employers request any job applicants to undergo medical examination procedures to ensure that the job applicants are physically healthy and fit for the job they offer. Medical examination depends on the type of job offered, there are jobs that are strict with a medical examination and includes a physical examination and psychological test but most of the jobs only need your drug and psychological test results. Medical institutions or doctors that handle your examination are forbidden to release your clinical information to your potential employer without your permission. This gives you the privacy you wanted if there is something you don't want them to see and have decided to not continue with the job application. However, there are some job applications that require your medical examinations result in order for them to decide if you fit the job they offer and to comply with the safety protocol for your co-workers.

Written down below are the main reason why you have to get a pre-employment medical examination.

Offers Public Health Protection

The medical examination gives you public health protection, this law allows employers to reject any job applicants that are suffering from infectious diseases. This gives you the equal rights to be accepted in a job no matter what race, gender, and disability you have as long as you passed the medical examination. This law offers those people who are suffering from discrimination due to their problems as long as they passed the medical examination, people who are suffering from common colds and HIV will be given a chance to secure a job because of this law.

Secures Workplace Safety

It is important for the business owner or the employer to keep the workplace safe, that is why medical examinations are needed in order to create a drug and alcohol-free workplace. Having a safe workplace helps in reducing the injuries that came from carelessness especially in businesses that use heavy machinery. That is why pre-employment medical examination procedures are important in order to screen potential job applicants that are using illegal drugs and alcohol in order to keep workplace safety. Pre-employment medical examinations should be done by medical professionals in order to ensure their accuracy and safety.

Creates A Healthy Workforce

The pre-employment medical examination is important as this enables employers to recruit potential applicants that are capable and qualified for the job. Physical fitness and health requirements are important in order to keep the workforce healthy as well as the workplace. If you are an applicant, you have to get a pre-employment medical examination in order to determine if you are capable enough to handle the job and healthy enough. For example, a job like firefighters requires an extensive pre-employment medical examination as firemen are required to carry heavy equipment and wear heavy clothes in order to perform a rescue mission.

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