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Top 5 Reasons to Insure Your Mobile Gadget

If you're planning to upgrade your gadget, whether it's a smartphone, tablet or what have you, there are many things to look into. After all, you're buying a new device. As you do so, one of the things you should consider is getting mobile gadget insurance.

Compared to other types of insurance, insuring a mobile device is relatively new with its share of naysayers. They'll tell you this type of coverage is totally unnecessary and that's it's just a waste of cash. Maybe they have their reasons for saying so, but you have your own mind to make your own decision.

As you decide whether or mobile gadget insurance is worth it, keep the following in mind:

Buying a new gadget is costlier.

Owners of mobile gadget insurance are sometimes taken aback when they realize they need to pay a deductible with every claim. Even so, that doesn't make mobile insurance futile. In fact, if your device is insured, you still have an advantage. Remember that a non-contract smartphone costs roughly around $550. Even if you take the monthly insurance fees into account, you'll still end up with a lower average deductible.

Gadget cases aren't invincible.

While getting your gadget a special case is a good idea, it still isn't your total protection package. Remember, cases don't shield your device against theft, being misplaced or water damage. The good news is mobile gadget insurance does. If you look for a good provider, you can insure your device against all kinds of threats, even regular wear and tear sometimes.

Claim filing is a hassle-free process.

A common misconception is that mobile gadget insurance is such a pain to have, especially when making a claim. Like any other type of insurance, this is something that completely rests on the insurance provider, not the product itself. With the right company, you can even make a claim 24/7, whether online or through the phone. In addition, you can usually get a new phone - delivered to your address - the following business day. This is definitely better than the hassle of coming down to your phone carrier's office.

External repairs are just not safe.

You're not always free to have your phone repaired when it's acting up. If you at all can have it fixed, this will often void your manufacturer's warranty. That's how it works for ordinary technical issues, but if your gadget is waterlogged, you lost it or somebody stole it, you will still be protected.

There's nothing quite like having peace of mind.

Lastly, some people actually think insurance is not worth it because you probably won't have to use it. To an extent, that might be true = you may never get it stolen, you may never break it or misplace it or just plain lose it somewhere, or drop it in the toilet. But at the end of the day, the risk is still there, and without insurance, you are not protected against that risk. That's why at the end of the day, when your gadget is insured, you have peace of mind and that is the most important benefit of all.

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