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Behind the Success of Christopher Pair

Christopher Pair is a grandson of a Mexican immigrant and was also the son of a sharecropper. The thing that actually helped his father in escaping poverty was when he joined the military, but his father later on left the military service and instead worked as a gardener in order to provide for his family. But the rations on food was not enough for the entire family and in fact only have few foods having good nutritional value. Because of such matter, the family then realized that they should look for other ways how they earn more money in order for them to buy for food. They even have tried selling soda cans or tried recycling so they can exchange it for food or money.

Christopher also joined Plexus Worldwide last March 2018 and he was the President of Operations and International. His role was to oversee the distribution, logistics, manufacturing, accounting department, finance, information technology, compliance quality, legal, project management department and also international. He also is known as an expert on international expansion and global operations. He also has more than 15 years of experience in Herbalife where he was one of the reasons behind the success of the organization on international expansion and he later one became CEO and President of this multi-billion dollar company.

Because he was impressed with the success of Plexus on its first ten years, he was greatly honored to work with talented individuals when the company entered the second decade. Because he was a part of a billion-dollar industry already and already helped to expand new international markets, he used his experience in order for more people to know about Plexus.

Christopher likewise holds a BS and an MBA from the University of Redlands. Another thing about Christopher is that he served multiple boards which included being a former Vice-Chairman and Director of The Direct Selling Association and he also was a former Director on the Consumer Health Products Association.

Another thing is that Christopher partnered with Feeding America and working with the Plexus team so that they could create big impacts when it comes to the hunger crisis. Back in June 2018, Plexus has launched the Nourish One Initiative where purchases that were made from Plexus Lean will be equalled with monetary donations that are equivalent to 14 meals towards Feeding America.

The Nourish One Initiative actually succeeded and in fact made 4 million meals that were only donated in just 5 months. Christopher now is aiming higher with Nourish One Initiative. He even challenges their fellow companies in different parts of the world to match or exceed their donations made. They do this in order to set a new milestone.

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