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Advantages of Using Home Sleep Test

You should not trust your suspicion, and when you think that you are suffering from sleep apnea, you will ensure that you perform a sleep diagnosis. In case you want to test for the OSA, you will have two option to use. The home sleep test or the polysomnogram is the two main diagnosis options you need to choose from. The polysomnogram will be performed in a sleep test lab and a technologist will need to supervise you overnight. When you opt for the home sleep test, you will do the diagnosis by yourself. You will be sleeping on your bed when you conduct the sleep test using the home sleep test. The home sleep test is also simple and easy to use. The home sleep test is the commonly used sleep test methods. It is important that you read more in this article, as you will learn more about the benefits of the home sleep test.

The home sleep test is cheaper and that is why it is preferred by many. The home sleep test is cheaper than the PSGs. therefore, most patients that are paying from their pockets will like the idea of choosing the home sleep test. The insurance companies are also preferring the option of getting the HST as they are affordable. The number one sleep diagnosis is the home sleep test for most of the insurance companies.

You will also choose the HST due to its comfort and accessibility. Having the sleep test in your home is much more comfortable and convenient. The idea of sleeping in the sleep lab overnight is not something that any will like. The sleep lab will also cost you much to access when you live in a remote area. There are some medical conditions that will make the stay at the sleep center a daunting task for some individuals.

You will also choose the HST due to the scheduling. The idea of picking the home sleep test at the sleep center is a better choice rather than booking the beds. Also, the sleep test labs have a specific number that they can contain each night. For the diagnosis process to be successful, you will need to have a technologist monitoring you. A single technologist can only supervise two or three patients.

When you are asleep apnea patients with high risk, then the home sleep test is a better choice. The HST will be a better alternative when you are a patient with a high risk for sleep apnea, taking into consideration your medical or family history. The HST is used to diagnose the extent of the sleep apnea as well and can be used for those patients with sleep apnea high risk.

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