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The New Research That Will Helps Us Fight Cancer.

Cancer is a killer disease, and most people do fear it. It is painful and again has claimed many deaths of the people we love. We do have a lot of people who are suffering from it. Unlike the olden days, the diseases are affecting all people, including the young ones. The bad thing about cancer is that if it is not detected early, fighting it becomes hard. The treatment of cancer is so much expensive. It can take out all the resources of the family if a member is diagnosed with it. The bad part comes when the cancer patient dies and leaves the family poor.

We need to know more about cancer first. We can say cancer is the uncontrolled growth of body cells, which later are spread in our bodies. We do have black cells that one see s using the microscope. This is the cancer cells. The cells do have a way of dividing themselves, and this is a threat to the life of humans. We do have many types of cancer one can suffer from. Some affect that life of a woman and other that of men. Then we have the one that is not gender-based.

The up to date treatment of cancer that is know is chemotherapy. If you have cancer, this is the treatment one gets. It helps in killing multiplying cancer growing cells. This treatment is expensive and does have a lot of negativity in it. Because of this, scientists and researchers are working hard to find alternatives. This is something that has made them come across bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract of the human and animal that can help in controlling cancer. The bacteria do stay there, and gas been there for all our lives. The bacterial is known as bifidobacterial. It is a friendly one, and with further studies, it shows that it can help in fighting the tumor.

The work of the bacteria in one's gastrointestinal tract is to help in the digestion of fibers. This does result in the production of useful vitamins and other important chemicals. If you have less bifidobacteria disease on your body, you will be subjected to many diseases since they help in fighting many infections. The good thing is that researches have worked on making it possible to grow the bifidobacteria on the outside and inside the body.

Further researches are done, and it shows that the bacterial have a good way of dealing with CD47 immunotherapy. For those who do know, CD47 makes the wall of the larger dots cancer cells. It is on the surface. The bacteria can help a lot in breaking the CD47 and suppress it in a way that the patient immune system will gain control. It attacks them and helps a lot in destroying the tumor. The researchers are working on a further test that will show how the CD47 will be dealt with using the antibodies. With further researches, we will have a cure for this deadly disease.

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