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You can never deny the fact that people who hate on you will always be there, they may call your style to be fake, high maintenance, weird, or they may even spread rumors that you are a poser, but you should not let people like this stop you from being yourself. Most of the people ignore these kinds of mean words, but there are those who actually become slaves to every passing trend because of these harsh words and that is something that you should avoid.

Don't keep on hiding, you should show your inner self and don't care about what these other people are saying. You have been hiding and confining yourself because of your peers, and that should change as soon as possible. You have to embrace your own lifestyle, the lifestyle that you actually want to live. You can mix it up if you want as long as it is still the lifestyle that you want to live and not just go for something that is socially acceptable because that is why you will never go out of your comfort zone.

You should take the power out of those words that are used to hurt your feelings and use it against those people who are hating on you and promote your own style over the trendy fashion that is popular today. You can reveal your own style of fashion to the world and not have a care in the world about what other people say. You can create your own lifestyle whether it is a mixture of the six lifestyles or you will be creating a totally new and unique fashion depending on your mood, it all depends on you and how you want to live your life.

Choose your own lifestyle to live and never limit yourself to what society deems acceptable.

Alternative is like you are on the edge, but actually you aren't. If you like clothes that are fitting like skinny jeans, with thick shoes, and ripped pieces, skulls, chokers, dark eyelashes or whatever style you want, you should go for it and don't think about what other people are saying behind your back because those words won't kill you. This is the alternative lifestyle that everyone is talking about.

The bohemian lifestyle is more of a free spirit kind of vibe wherein you live like everything is free and easy, breezy, exotic, wild, and effortless. If this style describes your fashion and your life, then you are actually someone who is a non-conformist with a Bohemian lifestyle. This is why people love fashion, this is love and fashion altogether.

You can never go wrong with a lifestyle like this because life is supposed to be all about love, peace, and fashion. This is the lifestyle that best describes how fashion should be, it should not be something that will hurt the feelings of others, but it should be something that will encourage people to be more free in what they wear.

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