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How To Manage Fear And Become Empowered

Fear is one of the aspects that limits people in many areas of their lives. And by this, I do not just mean the social life but educational life as well as career life. Many people do not get want they want in life because the fear within them blocks them. It reminds me of an event when a motivational speaker held out a ten-dollar note to students and asked if anyone wanted it, and only one student walked all the way from behind the hall where he was sitting to go and get the money. Every other student who remained sitting including the ones at the front who had a better chance of getting the free money first missed it. The reason why you do not get what you want is that you feel you do not deserve it, are not good enough, or fear rejection and embarrassment. If you are a victim of the above, this article will go a long way in helping you manage fear and become empowered.

One of the ways of managing fear and becoming empowered is through coaching. Overcoming fear is something that for many people is easier said than done. In that case, it is wise to find a coach who will walk with you to that point where you become fearless and empowered. Coaches will not only show you how but also can become your accountability persons who will see to it that you cross the line of fearlessness. When looking for a coach, it is crucial that you find one who will coach you using an approach that is specific to you. You should also consider the reputation of the coach when hiring. Carrying out thorough scrutiny of the coach will help you avoid coaches who will only harass you through the process and make you regret why you chose them in the first place or those who do not put in much effort to help you improve.

The other thing that you will want to do to manage fear and become empowered is to dig into inspirational books, reading blogs, as well as listening to inspirational talks based on managing fear and becoming empowered. Reading books is not a fun activity to many people but the truth is the answers to your struggles may be lying inside those pages that you feel too lazy to read through. You should make it a habit to feed your mind with information that drives out the fear in you and empowers you. Once your fear is out, then you will begin to see the positive results of the hard work that you put to grasp the knowledge from those blogs, books and even talks. You will, for instance, begin to find it easy to ask for whatever you want, feel a sense of empowerment, feel higher self-esteem, acquire more, have better control over your decisions, become a better communicator, make more money and so on. The good thing about when you become empowered and master your fears is that you will never go back to the place you were before.

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