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Factors to Consider When Choosing Machine Guards

Machines and their moving parts are essentials in most businesses and industries because they make work easier, but they are accidents waiting to happen and thousands of workers are injured yearly from machine-related accidents. It is because of these numerous hazards involved with machines that make machines guards a necessity for all firms that rely on them for various tasks within their premises. In as much as machine guards are meant to safeguard your workers, that will only be possible if you have the right ones in place. Continue reading to learn how you can choose machine guards.

Given the number of risks an employee exposes him or herself to while operating the machine, you should first consider its ability to offer maximum protection from as many hazards possible. Unlike most things and purchases you will make for your firm, machine guards are not optional and should be installed around all heavy machines that pose a threat to safety of workers, therefore, you should consider the compliance of the machine with applicable standards.

Like the machines running in your industry or firm, those guards will require frequent maintenance to function as efficient protective shields, therefore, always consider the ease of maintaining the guard without removing it from its position to avoid compromising its functionality. Even though machine guards are meant to play the role of protective shields, some will be exposing your employees to more risks, so assess the machine guard thoroughly to ensure it will not be a source of additional risks at your workplace.

Try to select a machine guard that minimizes the interference it will have when it comes to your workers doing their work; ideally, a good machine guard should be able to protect your workers from all the hazards without interfering with the way they do their work to uphold the levels of productivity in your firm. For maximum protection of your employees in the work environment, choose a machine guard that will be impossible to remove once it has been installed, to minimize injury or accidents.

Consider if the machine guard you are buying will prevent contact between the machine and the employees because a good one should provide a physical barrier to keep body parts and clothing away from the danger zone. Workers should always be able to lubricate the machine without removing the guard, which should also ensure no object is falling into the machine, creating new safety hazards. These are the factors you should consider before buying machine guards for your machines.

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