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How to Choose the Best Mattress for Your Baby

One of the fundamental necessities for babies and young children in terms of development is a good night's sleep. Just having a good cot doesn't cut it. For healthy and well-supported sleep, one needs a mattress that's comfortable.

Nowadays, getting a good mattress for your young one has proven to be very tasking especially with the very wide variety of baby mattresses in the market. On most occasions, when you buy a cot, it comes with its mattress. However, there are times when you have to choose the mattress yourself and therefore you need to know all you can about these beddings so as to make the right decision.

Major Principles
All baby mattresses are basically designed to provide comfort but three principles should guide you when purchasing a mattress for your young one. First, the mattress should be new. Failure to adhere to this principle renders the other two meaningless. Secondly, you should ensure that the mattress fits the baby cot perfectly and there are no gaps so that the wiggling baby doesn't get trapped between. In order to get such a mattress, do not just rely on your eye. Ensure you know the exact size of the baby cot. The third and most important factor has to do with the mattress's firmness. Your baby's back and neck are developing and the firmness of the mattress greatly influences this development. You should, therefore, ensure that the mattress you get is firm enough.

Various Mattress Types
Foam mattresses- although they are considered to be the most affordable, this doesn't rule them out as a good mattress for your baby. These mattresses have the capacity to provide your baby the support and comfort they need. This is especially because they are made of high-density foam and some actually meet the highest standards. In addition, they have various degrees of ventilation, encouraging circulation of air and also dispersion of any moisture in the mattress.

Fiber mattresses- these are normally made of natural coconut fibers, held together by natural latex and then layered between foam. The best features of these mattresses are comfortability and resilience, self-ventilation and breathability. One major flaw, however, is that this type of mattress may not be a good option for kids with allergies and asthma, even though they are said to be hypoallergenic.

Spring mattress- these beat all the other mattresses when it comes to durability. Made from coil springs, they provide excellent support and posture, enhancing durability as well. Furthermore, these mattresses are very breathable, reducing the risk overheating, since they offer maximum airflow.

Pocket Sprung Mattress- this type is considered perfect for a good night's sleep for your little one. These mattresses provide the best support for your baby. The springs in these mattresses increase comfort because each of them work independently and respond separately to the baby's sleeping position. Moreover, this feature greatly prevents indentations. This sums up why the mattress is considered a perfect match.

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