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Healing Is Possible for You

There are so many people with different; physical, emotional and hearty wounds. None of these people have chosen to be so. Those wounds have come in their ways accidentally. Some of them awoke in the morning to find a situation in their lives turned bad. They have tried so hard to change it. They have worked with doctors, therapists and other professionals credited to have the healing power, but these people did not find any solution. It is possible that many of those people have ended up in total confusion and depression. This is because those wounds have taken away their dreams and accomplishment they were aiming in life. So, living life differently from how they have planned, has hurt so many of them. But for those who believe in God the Father, know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called in accordance with God's purpose. So, the first thing that one can understand or what one should do, in case of troubles and brokenness, is to tun and submit to God. God is the one who understands, who knows and controls everything, even what is happening in one's life. One should understand that God is able to cause, chance and command every situation in one's life. All in all, one should keep in mind that God does not change. He cannot cause any situation in one's life with the intention of hurting or losing that heart. God will cause so many things in the life of the believer, to reprimand, strengthen or teach the individual. So, he may do it with the blessing and sometimes with hardship. Whether by blessings or by hardship, one thing remains the same. God is faithful to the end. He never lies, he never slumbers he never grows weary. He is always powerful, loving and watching his beloved children. If one understands this, then they will have a strong heart, courage and steady faith even when things are not working so well. They will remain faithful to God and that is the kind of heart that God is pleased by. In fact, one should consider taking time and read the Bible. Because by doing so, one will find so many examples of many people who did not lose heart when they faced trials and temptations. One will find similarities and differences between their stories and those from the Bible. But since those people have finished their race faithfully, one can also understand that it is possible.

In the Bible still, a believer is compared to clay and God is likened to a potter. This means that a believer should know that they are the work of the potter. Thus, the potter can use his clay to produce any figure. Although the process might be uncomfortable or painful, the final product of the clay is far better and valuable than the former lump of the clay. Understandably, a believer should know that although the growing process might be complicated and painful to them, if they cling to God, God will use them to be an example to everyone who will hear their story.

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