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The Causes of Distracted Driving and Solutions

Most of the common car-related deaths and injuries are usually caused by distracted driving. Research has been done and discovered that many car accident fatalities of about 25{1f5c9c1d32410a35bec40186e8c1a2470edfe81b206d04ccbc14fbb753aef7e4} are mainly caused by distracted driving. The causes of why drivers are distracted are yet to be found. If you are still wondering about the same, then here are the facts you did not know about distracted driving. Also, there are a few solutions that have been highlighted for you so that you can spread the news and prevent distracted driving at the highest level.

Texting and driving are some of the main causes of distracted driving. Although this tends to be the most common cause of car accidents, it is preventable. Most of the drivers who are caught driving while texting and emailing and those at young ages. In fact, it is found that before a distracted driving happens, such individuals are spotted while doing the same activity for the past 30days. This means that if they were stopped to text before the days were over, the distraction could never have happened or caused the accidents either.

Liability on employers is yet another big cause of distracted driving. In case an employee happens to be on a collision at the time of work, then the employer could be helpful for employee negligence, which is a legal principle. In most countries, this is referred to as vicarious responsibility. This is a term that needs to be known by all employers that own fleets. The employers are the ones who also pay for the costs which are incurred at the time of such accidents. That is why cell phones should only be used for nothing else but for navigation if needed.

Conducting the distracted driving awareness education and campaigns is important. The education programs and many campaigns which have been introduced today are there to ensure the distracted driving have reduced. During this time, that is when present facts, problem awareness as well as resources are provided and give people a network for sharing stories and end up bringing collected change.

Some of the awareness that needs to be spread is mentioned here. For instance, it can wait is one term used during the time of the campaigns. The pledgers are always photographing themselves with such terms to show that they are sticking to it and practicing it. For instance, most pledgers will pledge that phone calls and texting can wait until they are done with driving. Also, everything else, including smoking and drinking as they drive, is also something that can wait.

Lastly, there is an introduction to technology solutions to distracted driving. One of the systems used nowadays includes the fleetGuardian safe. You are installing the fleetGuardian system tales less than five minutes, which on top of the dash. Your phone will be safe from reach and sight. If you need a Bluetooth connection, you can easily do that with a hands-free connection. That way, there is no distraction caused as you drive.

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