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Reasons Why So Many People Visit Aberdeen Today

People are so busy across the world today working so hard, taking several jobs a day, attending school and taking care of their families and loved ones that they do not have time to rest. But there always comes a time when people get tired both physically and emotionally that they feel they need a break, and taking a vacation is the best solution at the time. There are so many great vacation destinations across the world, and Aberdeen in Scotland is one of them. If you are not aware, you may be wondering what is so unique about the place and why so many people carry their families headed to Aberdeen during their vacations and holidays. The city has so much amazing and exciting features that people can enjoy over their holiday period as seen below.?
Street Art
Even though street art is mostly not the first thing that comes to most people's minds when they hear Aberdeen, it is a pleasant surprise to be part of the public art festivals such as Nuart Aberdeen that make art part of everyday life. These festivals also encourage and motivate artists to use the city as their canvas which explains why the city center is always bursting with a wide range of murals as well as sculptures and all other types of street art. Anyone that visits the city should take some time and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the appealing street art and even purchase some of the pieces that they may be interested in.
Commonly referred to as fittie by the locals, this is another reason why you should visit Aberdeen on your next vacation. It is one of the highlights for anyone that visits the old fishing village called Footdee. The village sits at the east end of Aberdeen harbor, and it is a pocket if the color in the Granite City with so much in its petite village flavor ranging from spotting dolphins to the Michelin Guide restaurant where one can have delicious and hearty meals. For admiration of quirky homes, one should consider Footdee in addition to hearty meals at Silver Darling followed by dolphin spot among many other exciting activities.
Great Castles in the UK
There are so many castles in the UK, more than 260 to be precise and Aberdeen unbelievably holds the proud title of 'Scotland's Castle Country' all thanks to the many castles and stately homes as well as ruins that it boats of. Some of the most popular castles to look out for when visiting the place include Craigievar Castle, Fyvie Castle, and Dunnottar Castle among many others. The Fyvie Castle, for instance, may look a perfect picture from the turreted pink painting from outside but on stepping in, just like any other castle, is shrouded in folklore and mystery. A lookup the Green Lady of Fyvie Castel gives a glimpse of its horrifying tale and history. It is also the home to one of the largest Raeburn painting collections and also the most costly artifacts, the Pompeo Batoni portrait of Colonel William Gordon, owed by the NATIONAL Trust of Scotland and insured at $22 million.

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