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Supportive Living

Supportive living tends to be different from nursing homes in that it tends to be more affordable as well as a good living option for the senior people who are aged 65 years and above. When these people reach a point that they cannot be able to live safely in their own homes they are highly welcome in supportive living since they do not require that much care. They are assisted with taking their medications, meals as well as in ensuring there are proper and neat arrangements of these living rooms. The individuals in supportive living lie in apartments whereby they have their control which helps in promoting their independence and respect. This is not however the case with nursing homes as the individuals live in private and semi-private rooms in which there is no promotion of personal control and independence.

With supportive living, it looks like one is living in a residential area since these people do not also need 24-hour skilled nursing care therefore they are the ones spending lots of time in these areas. Individuals who may reach a point and not be able to pay for the stay are required not to leave the apartments thereby since it's a no like a hospital one can be suspended enough time to live here until he/she completes making the payments. It also offers room for programs that do offer assistance in finances whereby some people do qualify for these programs and can stay when their funds have become depleted. This supportive living, therefore, tends to provide shelter to the aging people as well as other relevant services.

Residents in supportive living enjoy the advantage of being able to socialize with the other individuals living in next and other apartments as these areas tend to bring many people together in a common building though each living in his/her apartments. This socialization promotes peaceful living as well as offering consultive ideas among these people. They, therefore, do not feel isolated from other people as they promote a good living community. With these supportive living, it promotes peace of mind for these individuals as well as their families since it acts as an assurance that there is an existing helping hand therefore no need to worry and also other family members to these people living in these areas tends to be assured that they are well-taken care thereby not having stress but lather get to focus on other important issues.

Though one's family may be far there is always a helping hand in supportive living ready whenever the individuals do need it. While living in an apartment one is highly offered an opportunity to act independently whereby they can be able to plan adequately for what they need as well as not relying on other people always. The supporting living is however not only for the aged people but some have individuals who age range from 22 to 65 years and also above that. Therefore, those individuals with no persistent mental illness, do not have active tuberculosis, and as well are not involved in community-based programs are all welcome in this supportive living.

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