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The Amazing Difference Of Detention Pond From Retention Ponds

It is pretty common for growing communities to develop and improve the community, with that it is applied that for the community to improve and become successful they must protect their area from any natural calamities like stormwater flow that usually comes with storms. Every time the community suffers from a storm or heavy rain, the stormwater runoff flows throughout the city sewers and sometimes can even overflow and damage nearby streams that could bring soil erosion. It is important for your community to handle the stormwater especially that stormwater has the ability to destroy farms and other properties that are important for the community. One of the most common methods for managing stormwater is by building detention and retention ponds that could save your community from stormwater damages and other problems that come with overflowing water.

Written down below are the difference between detention and retention ponds as well as the two types of ponds.

Retention And Detention Ponds Main Difference

One of the main differences between retention and detention ponds is the presence or absence of permanent stormwaters or also known as ponds. Retention and detention ponds have the ability to control the water level. Retention ponds are equipped with an orifice as well as a riser that is capable of handling the water level in the pond, the only thing that you can notice from a retention pond is that it looks like a regular pond but it also has the ability to control the stormwater overflow in your community. The difference between retention ponds is that detention ponds do not have a permanent pond of water and are usually dry.

Retention Ponds

Retention Ponds or also known as wet retention ponds have the ability to control the level of stormwater by building retention and treatment that prevents the stormwater from overflowing and destroying properties or land. Wet retention ponds capture and retain stormwater runoff, wet retention ponds from the name itself are a pond that is made for controlling the stormwater quantity and quality. One of the advantages with wet retention ponds is that it has the ability to remove pollutants naturally as it is surrounded usually by natural vegetation that helps in promoting stability as well as promoting the development of wildlife in the area.

Detention Ponds

Detention ponds are usually made for communities or areas that have large scale of lands that need protection from any damages that usually comes from calamities like stormwater flow, detention ponds or commonly known as dry detention ponds are quite known as the best when it comes to stormwater protection in a community that does have a large scale of land. It is better if you have dry detention ponds on your community, this will protect your land from any stormwater damages like soil erosion or the destruction of farmlands or properties, it is prevention for any damages. Dry detention ponds work by allowing a large area to be transformed into a water basin in order to prevent any stormwater flow that could destroy any property, the water then slowly drains out through the outlet that is usually at the bottom of the structure.

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