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Tips on How to Cook Crab

Today it's about crab meat.
As today we will be talking about crabs, salt-water crabs to be more specific, salt water crabs have larger pincers and many people would often consider salt-water crab meat is much more succulent than the lobster. Always buy live crabs to ensure freshness, they will last for about a day inside a fridge if you cover them in paper or a damp cloth. Make sure to keep your crabs enclosed so that they won't get away when you open the door, watch out for their pincers as those can get a pretty painful bite, ouch!

Crab meat is pack full of essential nutrient to help keep our bodies healthy, crab flesh contains B vitamins, zinc, iron, and selenium.

First tip, cooking the crab simple and easy. Just because it's simple, doesn't mean it's boring, this way of cooking crab may be plain but its well worth 30 minutes of good eating and can easily sate any appetite for some delicious crab. But for this you will need a crab that is about 1 kilogram male crab as males have larger pincers and contains more meat. Just drop them in a pot of boiling water and add salt to taste. Drop the lid and let the crab simmer in the boiling water for about 20mins for 1 kg of grab and subsequently 10mins per kilogram afterwards. Take off the lid to let it cool for a bit and then serve.

Tip 2, serve the crab with a traditional touch. The most traditional crab dish is the old trustworthy Dressed Crab. Same as before, cook and clean the crab. Remove its brown meat and white meat from the shell and claws respectively. Take the shell and pick apart the sides of the shell with some pliers so that you end up with an open bowl to place the meat in.
At both ends of the oval shaped shell carefully place equal amounts of the brown meat and the white meat at the middle. You want to take your time when you are doing this as more time spent doing this will lead to a much more attractive looking dish. Have a hardboiled egg ready, peel the egg and finely chop it. Use the chopped hardboiled egg to sprinkle on and separate the white meant and the brown meat. Sprinkle in some finely chopped parsley. And serve with a side of salad and some bread.

Tip number 3, spicy crab claws. You will be needing as many cooked crab claws as you can buy. You need to have the bottom of the shell removed so that it can be easier to eat and its going to be coated in special spicy sauce. The real star of the show is the sauce, it's made out of sesame oil, chopped chilies, chopped garlic, Thai fish sauce, chopped lemon grass, and some rice wine.

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