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Creating blogs is never easy. You should consider a lot of factors before you even upload your blog.

Nowadays, blogs already upgraded their ways of reaching people and that is through videos. Yes, a lot of love to read but we cannot deny the fact that blogs shown in videos are more interesting and entertaining.

Blogs with videos are popularly known as Vlogs. If you are fond of watching videos in any social media platform, you will find that most of the entertaining videos are Vlogs wherein contents are very interesting and educational.

If you want to look for a vlog that you will enjoy especially if you are down, it is best that you follow a social media influencer that is known to create vlogs that are entertaining and interesting.

Vlogs should have a concept. That is the first thing that you need to think of. You might assume that creating vlogs are easy but it's not. Brainstorming is needed and you should have a team to support you especially when it comes to video editing if you are not familiar with it.

Topics vary in vlogging and it is recommended that the topic you choose is actually related to you or you practice it. A natural vlog is more entertaining rather than a staged one. Although script is needed when you talk and act in front of the camera, you can easily ad-lib if you forgot your lines because you are aware of the topic you chose. And making scripts is not easy either. You need to make sure that you are not violating any laws. As a social media influencer, you need to know this especially when it comes to plagiarism and copyright infringement. Ideas can also be copyrighted so make sure that you search very well about the topics you choose or you can add a disclaimer if you are not sure of it.

Once you have your topic and your script, the acting, setting and setup should also be planned out. Vloggers mostly use phones to shoot their videos. If you can invest in advanced cameras, you can so, so, too.

Acting naturally is very advantageous. It makes the audience enjoy what they are watching. You don't have to force your laughter if you are a comedian yourself. All you have to do is deliver your piece and let your viewers appreciate it especially if the topics are fun and non offensive. Editing comes last. You need to edit it well especially if you want it to be more interactive. You can add emoticons, emojis, or any other form of graphics that will surely grab your audience's attention and then, uload it.

Contents are very important. Make sure that when you upload a funny video, it won't be offensive or even harmful. Just act naturally like you are telling them your story on a daily basis. Blogs with videos are really fun and once you have your audience, you will definitely have more followers. This can be monetarily converted, so try yours now.

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